140422 Tohoshinki Live Tour ~TREE~ in Yokohama (Day 1)


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140422 Tohoshinki Live Tour ~TREE~ in Yokohama (Day 1)


Shared by: DBSKNights



As many of you may know, I have a habit of picking strays up off the side of the road and either returning them to their families, or finding them new homes. Well, I’ve done it again. 

This is “Buddie Drake” according to his collar tags. I found him in Canyon Lake, TX on April 11. I have tried contacting his family, but when I call the number on his tags, it’s answered by a machine telling me the “user of that phone has opted out of receiving incoming phone calls.” So I cannot get through. I am still looking, but odds of finding his family do not look good. 

I’m going to work on finding Buddie a new place to stay, but for now there is a more immediate issue to take care of.

Buddie has been hit by a car. His front leg is completely shattered, with the shoulder blade crunched inwards towards his sternum. His paw drags the ground when he walks, leaving it badly cut up and swollen. 

He needs medical attention badly. But as a lot of you know, my family is struggling financially. We can’t afford the help he needs. And I don’t want to turn him over to a shelter or any other animal service. Buddie is an older dog, with graying fur on his face. If he’s sent to a shelter in this state, they’ll almost certainly just put him to sleep. I can’t live with that. 

I hate to ask you all for more, because you did so much when I needed help after my house was flooded. But this is for Buddie. And he needs you. 

I have set up a fundraiser page that will be done at the end of this week (April 18). It’s a short time period, but Buddie needs help and he needs it now. I have to do something for this sweet angel. 

If you can donate, or just spread the word, it would mean the world to me. And more importantly, it will mean the difference in life and death for Buddie. 

Buddie had his vet checkup today. The bad news is that, as I feared from the beginning, he does need his front left leg amputated. He’s been hurt for so long that the muscles have atrophied beyond repair.

The good news is he has no internal injuries, he has no heartworms, and once he’s healed up from his surgery, he’ll be good to go. He’ll be losing a leg, but not his life. And he’ll be placed in a loving home (as soon as I find one for him) where he’ll be happy and safe. 

For that to happen, the vet bills have to be paid. We got an estimate this afternoon. Including the surgery, overnight stays, a micro chip (since he likes to wander off) and pain medication, the rough total is somewhere in the $800s. Possibly more, but hopefully not by much. Then of course there’s the percentage that “GiveForward” takes so they can keep running this amazingly helpful platform. 

With X-Rays, it would be more, but a kindhearted member of a local Lost and Found Dogs organization took care of that for me.

So we are almost to the amount we need to get Buddie taken care of. I’m going ahead and making an appointment for his surgery. The sooner the better. So if you can help at all, by donating or by spreading the word, I would appreciate it so much. 

The fundraiser has about 50 hours left. Please donate if you can. Thank you.


CM: Does everyone know this time's album title?
Fans: Seeu-ree!
YH: Wrong wrong! It's "Too-ree"
CM: Are you sure it's "Too-ree"? It should be TREE/pronounces it accurately/ TREE, you know?
YH: OH! My name is U-know!
.....awkward silence
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"he seems even sweeter because he makes mistakes like that," the interviewer said afterwards.


"Money can’t make you happy"


Yunho: Performing in Stadium is so nice (...) i'm able to look at everyone's happy faces.
Changmin: There are also people yawning, I can see that they come here against their will to accompany someone
(Tree Tour in Yokohama day 1 cr: yukowaku)

Changmin: Can i go change clothes?
Yunho: Do it fast and go back right after
Changmin: I want to straighten my hair, drink water, go to the toilet...
Yunho: Do it fast and go back right after
Changmin: Sleeping in the dressing room...
Yunho: Do it fast and go back right after
(Tree Tour in Yokohama day 1 cr: homichoko)